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Maitreya (미륵, 彌勒)

Maitreya / terracotta / 50 X 17 X 35 cm / 2019

Cutting into 8 pieces, Removing a stander and clay from inside, Rebuilding all parts.
The first full body statue since 2013, The first full body terracotta in my life.

Portrait - Michi

Final detail of the head

1st day

2nd day

4th day

5th day

Michael Gärtner

Relief - Centauros

My first relief Centauros was cracked during the bisk firing in July.
Honestly I really wanted to show it, so I paied 60 euros for 3kg of silicon.
But the silicon mold was completely stuck to the surface of the original part.
Even though I broke the original prototype, they were not separated.

So I made it again. A bit foolish way, I know.

A trumpet was removed, a tail of the horse was added.
This will be glazed and burnt twice.
I hope it won't be cracked.

The product was burnt without any cracks.
Gott sei Dank.

Rundgang 2019 (Come To Motherboard)

3 ceramic heads and 1 video

18. 07. 2019 ~ 21. 07. 2019
Kunsthochschule Kassel

Natalie Bauer
Daniel Reidt
Max Hampel