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Esquisse for [Blue Temple]

Esquisse for next sculptures.
The next title will be <Blue Temple>.

Catalogs and cards for my 4th solo exhibition

I ordered small catalogs to remember my solo exhibition.
A cheap saddle stitch binding because of my budget.
Pity but better than nothing.

I will order additional small cards as well and send them to my grateful people.
My parents and friends who have given me and my wife strength.

It was such a cold winter for both of us.
This winter is not over yet.

But the New Year will eventually come.
Spring will come again.
Flowers bloom.

We'll laugh again.




SVOX.TV released selected short films







Finally 103 wonderful short films were released right now.
Most of selected films are so sensuous.
I can't take my eyes off even the first video.
You can watch my film Bunker Project 2020 as well.

WINGS IN THE NIGHT (밤의 날개) : 4th solo exhibition

18.Sep.2020 ~ 04.Nov.2020

Galerie Rasch


Wings in the night

Flügel in der Nacht

밤의 날개


Galeriefest 2020 in Kassel

18.Sep.2020 ~ 20.Sep.2020
Galerie Rasch


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18.Sep.2020 ~ 23.Sep.2020

first photo by Catherine Woywod
rest of the photos by Vishnoir Kim