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Drawing [Oh My Noble And Holy One]

detail of OMNAHO

Cats must be worshiped by human being!


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Drawing [Imoogi]

detail of Imoogi

Imoogi is an huge snake before changing into a dragon.
This 1000 years old existence is still imperfect.

I drew various haloes above the head.
And I realized that simple is best.
Just one big arc was enough.
Coloring is not necessary.

I dream
to be a beloved artist.
One day, I want to earn as an artist.
Like an Imoogi who wants to become a dragon.

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Drawing [I Met a Mermaid]

I met a mermaid.

I started digital drawing again after taking a long break..
Still in progress.

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Bunker project 2021 - Preparation of the stop motion


My team has already filmed several performances in the bunker.

Now it's my turn, I have to finish my stop motion film.

This paper puppet has almost been made.

Stop motion film is coming soon.

His head will be spread wider than now.

The filming can be taken a bit unprofessional.

But I don't care, if this main character is enough attractive.

Everybody wears a mask in the 2020s.

Everybody wants to take it off like him.

Everybody dreams that we can fly away.

Deep sense of despair swells silently.

I can't fly even if I spread wings.

I am stuck in a bunker.




Drawing [Myanmar Spring]

You can kill a revolutionary, but you can’t kill a revolution.

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