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[ 25x25 transparent png ]


Making a puppet

Preparing my final presentation in July 2022


I want to handle this big bird on the performance stage.
These rough sketches show some parts of my plan.
Just an idea, but it will be visualized.



The begining of making a head.
Not satistfied yet, neck part is relative better.




Making a body and wings.
Links among them must be strong enough.
Oh no, wings are getting heavier...


Overall it looks pretty good.
But controlling wings is too difficult.
I have to remake them to decrease the weight.



Making new wings.
More joints for the natural movement.
Light plastic material for reducing whole weight.


Links for moving wings,
Magnetic points for wearing a crown.
Finally... the overall shape of the bird is finished.

7pm and 8pm.
The mission is complete.
(from 29th April to 27th May)
Making stage will be also very difficult.