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BAHNSINN : Kulturbahn? Oder Nur-bahnhof? #1

There was a bitter sweet performance's night. On 31.Dec.2023 in the evening, participants of project PIRATEN KANAL KASSEL made a protest demonstration against gentrification by Deutsche Bahn under the title of "BAHNSINN : KULTURBAHNHOF? ODER NUR-BAHNHOF?" at Kassel central station. In fact, the behind story of this new year's event in public places is somewhat bleak. DB has decided not to extend individual contracts with local artists in Franz Ulrich street which is located just behind Kassel central station, and as a result all nearby artists had to leave their studios by the end of December 2023.

We had the first meeting for organizing this project since beginning of December 2023, and continued discussions in Samuel Nerl's atelier on Franz Ulrich Str. 18d, Kassel. Participants suggested interesting short performances and accepted some of ideas, and ultimately decided on the order of each performance.