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BAHNSINN : Kulturbahn? Oder Nur-bahnhof? #3

There was a bitter sweet performance's night. On 31.Dec.2023 in the evening, participants of project PIRATEN KANAL KASSEL made a protest demonstration against gentrification by Deutsche Bahn under the title of "BAHNSINN : KULTURBAHNHOF? ODER NUR-BAHNHOF?" at Kassel central station. In fact, the behind story of this new year's event in public places is somewhat bleak. DB has decided not to extend individual contracts with local artists in Franz Ulrich street which is located just behind Kassel central station, and as a result all nearby artists had to leave their studios by the end of December 2023.

Teaser of the performance BAHNSINN / FHD video / 00:01:30 / 2024

The event supposed to start at 4pm, but it was delayed around 1 and half hour due to technical problems at Franz Ulrich. When the first performance began, Daniel Hofmann, dressed in a ticket machine costume, and Tobias Sauer, dressed in an East German military uniform reminiscent of a German railway official, began to issue tickets to the audience.

The second show was planned by Fabian Gimpel and Spiders at Stellwerk but also canceled because of same problems as Franz Ulrich. Anyway Tobias and Daniel made an interview with the reporter of HNA in front of Stellwerk.

(On 08.Jan.2024, we had another performance day for Fabian Gimpel.)

The third show was released by Daniel Hofmann and Vishnoir Kim at the piano hall of the Kassel central station. It consists of Daniel's playing piano and Vishnoir's performance of the body extension with costumes.

Tobias Sauer read the statement against the gentrification by Deutsche Bahn at the lobby of Bali Kinos. After this performance, the fourth shows were two different sound stages by Joshua Weitzel & Nagai Chie and by Spiders.

The last stage was film screening at Bali Kinos. 9 films were selected by Tobias Sauer and Smilla Siebenschock. It started at 7:30 and took around 2 hours.